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Saugeen Rhythm Revival = Big Times In Small Places

Saugeen Rhythm Revival shakes it up at the old pool hall in Durham.

'Heartbeat, Rhythm, And Rhyme' honours the deep, largely un-sung friendships we form with our fur buds. This video project features images of pets, often with their owners, collected by word of mouth or through social media because we asked and you delivered! Of course, not everyone can be a Tipit of Timmins, seen below in glorious black and white, teasing the camera with those heavenly orbs (before slipping off to lunch with The Rat Pack, no doubt) but there is a place for the rest of us pet hugging, stick fetching, poop walking, cat napping, trail ridin', mud cuddlin', love-buggin', animal snugglin' folk too- right in our commemorative video. I mean, if Holly's goat is good for a few bytes, what are you waiting for?

Special thanks to you all of you, like Daniela in the Czech Republic below with puppy Aisha and Katie in Holland, photographed with Boy.

Check out this short youtube clip!

Heartbeat, Rhythm And Rhyme

We've extended the photo drive! Pics may be submitted to heartbeat@spiritrockrecords.ca
Get your pet in our video!