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Studio A

Today's recording experience has changed tremendously from the golden days of analog tape to todays digitally based recording systems. Just about anyone can leap into the multitrack production game with a modest investment in gear. Inexpensive plugins are available that mimic classic professional sound recording gear to various degrees of success. There's equalizers and amp simulators, compressors, expanders/gates, limiters- you name it.

On the hardware side of things, fantastic reproductions of those same classic pieces are available to the public much cheaper than the originals. At Studio A we strive for a vintage sound and rely upon both digital and analog elements. Here's some of our special rock n roll recording equipment:

Elements of Our Project Studio

Above:1887 Lansdowne Upright

There's two pianos isolated from each other, at Studio A. This is the piano from the early days of Saugeen Music School, and we are happy to keep it rockin'!

Above: 196? Westbury Kit

Older Pearl and Westbury drums are on-hand to be mic'd in our isolated drum room. We currently prefer a simple 4 mic setup of Overheads, Kick, and Snare in our sound-controlled room.

Above: 1952 Gibsonette

Our old tube amps help define our sound. A '72 Fender Twin Reverb, and a '70 Traynor Bassmaster have joined the ancient Gibsonette on many recordings.

Above: 2001 Kretz.

A number of Gibson, Fender, Ibanez style electric guitars and basses are on hand to deliver various tones. We also have a mandolin, banjo, ukuleles, and lots of percussion instruments.